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The Sweater Project provides new sweaters to the poorest Afghan children who have no warm clothing.

The Situation

Life is harsh for Afghan working children, especially during sub-zero winters. Most have only thin cotton clothing and face incredible hardships during the frigid winter months.

One young girl who couldn’t work outside for two days because of the cold was forced to go without food at home for those two days. Going to school in unheated classrooms is impossible. Despite these conditions,
children are still expected to work outside during the winter to provide for themselves and their families.

The Solution

What could we do to help as many Afghans as possible? The Sweater Project was born. Here’s how it works:

ZAANHA purchases yarn at the local bazaar in Kabul thus giving business to the shopkeeper, which allows him to pay his rent and support his family. $7.50 USD buys yarn for one sweater.

The yarn is taken back to a center for working street children where there are women and girls who are without jobs and know how to knit. The center provides a warm and safe environment where the women can knit sweaters for which they are paid $10 USD a sweater. The center is paid $2.50 USD.

A working street child is given a new sweater.

And it is not only the child who benefits — A $20 USD donation for one sweater impacts the lives of approximately 30 Afghan people.

Buy a Sweater

All it take is $20