Buy a scarf. Send a child to school. | FREE GROUND SHIPPING On All Domestic Orders
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Yarn is purchased from local merchants (US $7.50)

  • Gives merchants income to continue their business
  • Rent can be paid
  • Families can be fed and children at home can be sent to school

Sweaters are knit by women and girls from Aschiana’s tailoring center at Aschiana’s main center (US $10)

  • Women and girls earn income during the coldest and most difficult months of the year
  • Ability to support the families during this time
  • Self esteem for the women to do something useful for their families

Aschiana provides secure and warm environment where the sweater can be knit (US $2.50)

  • Aschiana can support its main center
  • Income is earned to continue literacy and vocational skill training


Brand new warm sweater is given to a poor child

  • Self esteem at having a brand new sweater
  • How can a child have a productive and normal life when he/she is cold?
  • Ability to go to school as well as outside because the child is warm